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The Intersection of Eurocurrency and Cryptocurrency Markets

Executive Summary

The convergence of Eurocurrency and cryptocurrency markets has become a vital topic in the finance world, offering new opportunities for the transition from centralized to decentralized monetary systems in global financial transactions.

While both currencies share common characteristics of being non-regulated, stateless, representing potential regulatory and risk control challenges, it is due to their similarities that they could have the most significant impact on the future of finance by offering increasingly flexible and efficient liquidity solutions within global financial transactions.

This paper explores the implications of the convergence of the Eurocurrency and cryptocurrency markets by specifically concentrating on developing over-the-counter (OTC) markets for cryptocurrencies and proposes solutions to address some of the key regulatory and risk control challenges.

We will also explore the need for industry-wide standardization efforts, embedded supervision, and the development of a peer-to-contract architecture to provide a safer trading environment while continuing to maintain the key benefits of the blockchain system within a decentralized finance (DeFi) setting.

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