Monitor & Manage Your Collateral Balance and Existing Positions

The Portfolio Management tab on the Secured Finance platform is a comprehensive tool designed to help users effectively manage their digital assets. It provides a detailed overview of your financial position, including key metrics such as Net Asset Value, Active Contracts, Lending Present Value (PV), and Borrowing PV.

Your Portfolio

This feature provides a comprehensive overview of your financial activities on the platform and consists of the items below:

Net Asset Value

This displays the total value of your digital assets on the platform. It's calculated by adding the value of your active contracts and the value of your collateral.

Active Contracts

Here, you can view all your active lending and borrowing contracts. This includes details such as the contract's maturity date, interest rate, and the amount of digital asset involved.

Lending PV and Borrowing PV

These metrics provide a snapshot of your lending and borrowing activities in terms of Present Value. They give you an idea of the current worth of your lending and borrowing contracts.

Asset Management

This section provides a detailed overview of your assets with Secured Finance's vault.

Collateral Balance

This feature displays the total value of the assets you've pledged as collateral on the platform. It's an important tool for managing your risk and ensuring that your loans are adequately backed.

Collateral Assets

This lists the specific assets you've pledged as collateral. It allows you to see at a glance what assets are backing your loans and to manage your collateral portfolio effectively.

Non-collateral Assets:

These are your borrowed assets that are held under Secured Finance's Vault.

Collateral Utilization

This feature shows the percentage of your collateral that's currently being used to back your borrowing contracts. It's a crucial metric for risk management, as it helps you ensure that you're not over-leveraged.

Liquidation Risk

This feature provides an estimate of the risk that your collateral will be liquidated due to a drop in its value. It's a crucial tool for risk management, helping you to monitor market conditions and adjust your collateral if necessary to avoid liquidation.


This section provides a comprehensive view of your trading activities on Secured Finance.

Active Positions

This tab provides a detailed view of your current lending and borrowing positions. It includes information such as the contract's maturity date, interest rate, and the amount of digital asset involved.

Open Orders

Here, you can view all your current open orders. This includes details such as the order's price, quantity, and status (filled, partially filled, or unfilled).

Order History

This tab provides a historical record of all your orders. It allows you to track your trading activity over time and can be a useful tool for analyzing your trading strategy and performance.

My Transactions

This tab provides a record of all your transactions on the platform. It includes details such as the transaction type (order placement, order cancellation, etc.), the transaction date and time, and the transaction status.

Overall, the Portfolio Management tab is designed to give users full control over their assets and contracts. It's an essential tool for effective portfolio management on the Secured Finance platform, allowing users to make informed decisions about their digital assets.

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