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A web application for OTC Trading

Welcome to Secured Finance's web-based OTC trading application (link), our flagship product that's set to revolutionize the DeFi space. This platform is your gateway to peer-to-contract-to-peer lending and derivatives trading for fixed-income investments and hedging to build yield curve for digital assets. It's built on the Ethereum blockchain, offering a transparent, robust, and cost-effective alternative to traditional financial institutions.

Loan <--> Bond Standardization

When a company wants to borrow money in the corporate finance world, it's common to issue a corporate bond and sell it to investors. So, buying a bond corresponds to lending, and selling a bond corresponds to borrowing. Instead of a one-off-based loan arrangement, the bond format has a standardized format for the primary issue. Then, it is traded on the secondary market to ensure liquidity. Following this approach, Secured Finance standardizes the OTC loan as a zero-coupon bond issuance. Therefore, lending is purchasing a bond, and borrowing is issuing (based on collateral) a bond and selling a bond. Users can buy/sell bonds through the orderbook anytime, ensuring the loan's liquidity.

We have a test-net environment to play around, which you can access from here.

Our Bond Market Platform is designed to tackle the challenges of the conventional bonds and loans market, which is highly fragmented. This fragmentation leads to elevated transaction costs, limited transparency, and inefficiencies. But we're changing that.

We've introduced unique features that address these challenges head-on. From our full on-chain orderbook system, Zero-Coupon (ZC) Bond Standard, and Fixed Maturity Standard, we're making the bond market more efficient and accessible. We support a broad range of digital assets, employ smart-contract-based collateral management, and have deployed an automatic reinvestment feature (Auto-roll). We've even incorporated the Itayose method for new Orderbook, a matching algorithm used in financial markets, to ensure fair and efficient orderbook opening.

By addressing the limitations and difficulties of current DeFi markets, we're creating a decentralized and efficient capital market. It's a significant step towards achieving our vision of revolutionizing the world of finance and building a more accessible, inclusive, and efficient financial system.

To learn more about these features, explore the articles under the 'Unique Features' section. And remember, this is just the beginning. We're continually innovating and expanding our offerings to serve you better.

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