Fixed Maturity Standard

3months to 2years loan

Secured Finance's Loan Market Platform operates on a Fixed Maturity Standard, with up to eight distinct order books each representing a unique time horizon. These range from 3 months to 2 years, with a maturity gap of three months. Each order book exists until its maturity, with the duration shortening day by day. All currencies adhere to the same "Maturity".

When is the Maturity?

The maturity of our Loan Market is set on the last Friday of the contract month every March, June, September, and December. This convention aligns with the listed future market, providing maximum utility to our users for reference and hedging purposes.

For instance, "SEP23" on our order book system refers to the contract month of September 2023, with a maturity ending on the last Friday, 29th September 2023. Similarly, "DEC24" would represent the contract month of December 2024 within the order book with a maturity of 27th December 2024.

What happens at Maturity?

To keep the orderbooks current, at Maturity, we will deactivate the orderbook that is expiring each quarter and start a new orderbook with the Itayose process. This new orderbook is added to the farthest term, currently the 2-year order book. For more details, please refer to the 'Orderbook Life Cycle' section.

What happens to your loan position?

No worries. Matured Loan position will be reinvested through our platform using our Auto-Rolling feature.

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