🔦Protocol Features

Key innovation


The Secured Finance platform is equipped with unique features designed to enhance user experience and efficiency. This section provides an overview of these features and how they contribute to the platform's functionality.

Our platform leverages a sophisticated on-chain orderbook system, enabling users to place and manage market and limit orders efficiently and securely with reduced gas costs.

A groundbreaking bond standard that allows users to purchase bonds at a discount and receive the full face value upon maturity, eliminating the need for periodic interest payments.

Our fixed maturity standard ensures that all lending and borrowing positions have predetermined maturity dates, offering transparency and predictability for users.

With our innovative auto-rolling feature, users' positions are automatically extended to a new maturity date upon reaching maturity, simplifying the process and maximizing returns.

Itayose Process

Our Itayose process enables batch matching of orders at specific intervals, optimizing order execution and enhancing liquidity on the platform.

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